DIY Rag Christmas Ornaments: DIY EASY Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to make simple but beautiful DIY rag Christmas ornaments. These delicate and unique ornaments can be used to decorate your Christmas tree, to enhance Christmas wall hanging decor, to decorate your Christmas gifts, etc.

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

Materials to Make this DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments.

The materials to make this ornaments are not complicated to obtain. You can use rag, t-shirt yarn, lycra yarn, decorative ribbon, etc., [I am using Farmyarn elastic garden & craft tie made from 100% recycled textile selvages. CLICK HERE if you want to know more about Farmyarn]. Metal hoops. Small Christmas ornaments or bells and any small decorations you want to add to it. [The small ornaments I am using are from the Dollar Tree store]

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

List of Materials

Written Instructions and Video Tutorial.

Video tutorial of how to make diy rag christmas ornaments in my youtube channel.

Step 1

Cut several 5″ rag or t-shirt strips {30 to 50 Approximately}.

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

Tie the strips one by one until hoop is completely covered.

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

Step 2

Trim the excess to make an even circle.

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

Step 3

Add the little decorations. First, using a 10″ strip of yarn or rag, tie the sphere and place it on the hoop. This same strip will serve to hang the ornament. Using hot glue, place the other decorations on top of the hoop.

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}
DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}
DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

Voila!! DIY Rag Christmas Ornaments Ready.

DIY Rag Christmas Tree Ornaments {{SUPER EASY}}

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tutorial as much as I did.

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Happy crafting!!!

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