Farmyarn Christmas Dreamcatcher {Teen Easy Christmas Craft Idea}

DIY Christmas Tree Wall Decor

Learn how to make this beautiful Farmyarn Christmas dreamcatcher. SUPER EASY tutorial for beginners of all ages !! A very beautiful decoration to decorate the walls of your house or even to give as gifts.

T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}

What Materials you Need to Make this Beautiful Farmyarn Christmas Dreamcatcher?

For this tutorial I am using very simple products.

For the cords i am using Farmyarn. A unique, elastic garden & craft tie made from 100% recycled textile selvages. Their yarn is very resistant and elastic at the same time. Besides, I love the variety of very pretty colors that they offer.

Also, I’m using very inexpensive Christmas ornaments and spheres that I found at the Dollar Tree store. That being said, you will not need to spend so much money to make this t-shirt yarn Christmas dreamcatcher.

Materiales a Utilizar para Elaborar este Adorno Navideño en Macramé para Adornar Paredes:
list of materials:

Video Tutorial in my Youtube Channel

STEP 1: Wrap the Ring with the Yarn.

  • Cover the metal ring with a strip of yarn. Use the color of your preference.
  • When done, tie a knot so it won’t come undone and leave a strip of at least 5 inches at the end.
T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}
T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}

STEP 2: Assembling the Christmas Tree with the Farmyarn.

  • Fold a 40 “strip of yarn and tie at the top.
  • With the strip that was left before, tie the middle strips at the bottom
  • Then cut about 50 strips of yarn to assemble the Christmas tree. [Measures between 4 “to 8”] You can alternate colors if you wish.
  • I put 4 green and one red.
  • When finished, cut the excess strips to form the Christmas tree.
DIY Christmas Tree Wall Decor
DIY Christmas Tree Wall Decor
DIY Christmas Tree Wall Decor
DIY Christmas Tree Wall Decor
T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}

STEP 3: Place the Ornaments

  • You can decorate with white pearls or another type of decoration that is not too heavy.
  • Now tie two small Christmas ornaments to the sides of the tree.
  • Tie some hanging yarn strips at the bottom. You can place the ones you want, in the preferred color and size.
  • Tie a piece of Farmyarn on the top to hang the ornament.
  • And to finish, place a star on the tip of the tree.
T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}
T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}


T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Dreamcatcher  {Easy Christmas Craft Idea}

You already have your Christmas dreamcatcher to hang on the walls or doors.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and above all that it has been very helpful for you.

Visit me on my Youtube channel to see this video tutorial and many more craft tutorials.

Enjoy creating !!!

Daisy Multifacética.

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