FREE Elf Box Template | EASY DIY Box for Customized Elves.

I am happy to share with you this beautiful FREE Elf Box Template for you to pack your customized elves.

DOWNLOAD the FREE Elf Box Template HERE:

How to Make an Elf Box Tutorial

How to Customize Elves from Dollar Tree Tutorial

You are ALLOWED to:

  • Use files to make a personal physical item or project.
  • Make a physical item as a gift.
  • Sell your final physical product.
  • Showcase your own physical design only.
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You are NOT allowed to:

  • Share, give or re-distribute files.
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  • Use my pictures to promote your custom items.
  • Showcase SVG design in a digital format.
  • Make any kind of profit with my design.
  • Use my files to make digital products of any kind.

Yes: You MAY SHARE this link so they can personally download the FREE files from HERE.

Thanks for your understanding.

Download the Following Tools to Make the
Complete Elf Kit.

Happy Crafting!!!

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