Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

Personalizing wine bottles is no longer a big deal with the Cricut’s print then cut feature. In this tutorial you will learn the complete process of how to make custom waterproof wine bottle labels. These personalized wine bottles make an excellent gift for any occasion such as adult birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Years, etc. They are also perfect for bridal shower, wedding favors and more.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

Video Tutorial – DIY Custom Wine Bottle Labels

How to Make Custom Waterproof Wine Bottle Labels

Equipment and Supplies

In addition to the Cricut machine to make custom wine bottle labels, you will need a color printer, but if you do not have a printer, do not worry. You could also print away from home and come home to cut them with your Cricut machine. I will explain this process to you later.

Color printer

Cutting Machine

Sticker paper and Laminating sheets:

Designs used for this tutorial


Character Map UWP

Video tutorial how to add glyps to fonts

Process to Make Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Before starting to work with the design, we are going to take the measurements of the tag that brings the bottle of wine. This bottle measures 4″ by 4.5″. When preparing the design, we are going to add an extra half inch to each end or so.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}


Now that you have taken the measurements of the wine bottle, we are going to go to the Cricut Design Space program to design the label. The wine bottle label measured 4″ by 4.5″. The label to be designed should measure at least half an inch or more at each end. For example, this will measure 4.5″ by 5.5″. It will also depend on the height of the bottle.

Insert a square from the shapes and regulate the measurements, then insert the design and the desired text. You can use photos, flowers or any other image you want. I will change the color of the text to match the colors of the inserted design. The fonts I’m using for this design are downloaded from Creative Fábrica. The sans font is called Mistary and the calligraphy font is called Adorable. The design with watercolor flowers was downloaded from Creative Market.

When finished with the design and before proceeding to print and cut, select it with all its layers and press where it says flatten. This is a very important step that we must not forget when printing and cutting.

Step-by-step video tutorial on how to make the design from scratch here.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}


The largest size that can be printed and cut with Cricut is 6.75 by 9.25″ in letter size and 6.51 by 9.93 in A4 size. These designs are small so two could be printed on the same letter size page. Just duplicate them. If at the time of printing and cutting, it does not place two on the same page press return and you will need to do this other process. Place the two labels parallel to each other, select them and then press attach.

Once you are ready, press make it.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

Print at Home

In the print setup window, select the printer you are going to use, press bleed, press use dialog system and press print.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

This other window will appear. Reselect the printer, and press preferences. Select photo printing. In media type, if you are using glossy sticker paper, select glossy photo paper. And if you’re using matte sticker paper, you’re going to select matte photo paper. In quality it is very important to select high. Press OK and print.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

Don’t have a printer?

Not having a printer is not an impediment with the Cricut print and cut option since you can send your design to be printed at a printing company, at the house of a friend or relative. And for this, instead of selecting the printer, you are going to select Microsoft Print to PDF, press bleed and print. Save the design in an easily accessible folder, and then send it to print.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

To print these custom wine bottle labels, I use KOALA Brand Printable Inkjet Sticker Paper. The prints are very clear and colorful, as if they were printed on photographic paper.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

To print the labels for wine bottles, I use my Canon Pixma Megatank Inkject Printer in color but you could use any model and brand of color printer.

Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Cricut Print then Cut {Waterproof}

You could leave the labels printed on this sticker paper and they will still look beautiful and of very good quality, but you could also laminate them to give them a more elegant, unique and also waterproof touch.

I like to laminate them using KOALA Laminate Sheets. This package comes with regular clear, clear holographic, clear holographic with glitter, clear holographic with stars and clear holographic with gems. This laminate is applied after printing and before cutting.

Etiquetas Personalizadas Para Botellas de Vino con Cricut

If you want to laminate it, peel off the laminating sheet a little from the back sheet. Fold the back paper only for about a half an inch. Place the laminating sheet on top of the printing and make it even on both sides, stick it to the paper and continue to peel back the paper, very carefully so that there are no air bubbles.

Cutting the Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Having printed and placed the laminate, it is necessary to select the material that is going to be cut. For the sticker without the laminate, you have to select a removable sticker paper, but if you are going to cut a laminated sticker, select 100lb thick cardstock.

Align the already laminated print on the top left of the cutting pad and proceed to cut it.

Placing the Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Here is the first set already cut and ready to be glued to the wine bottle. You can’t really see the details of the glitter laminate in the photo, but let me tell you, it looks very beautiful in person.

To place the label, you could put it on top of the one it already has or you could also remove it. To remove it I use cold water and a rag to remove as much of the label as possible, then clean with Goo Gone liquid to completely remove any remaining glue. Before affixing the label, wipe with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to remove any grease residue from the Goo Gone.

Etiquetas Personalizadas Para Botellas de Vino con Cricut

Place the label on the bottle and glue to the vertical center first and then glue the ends so that there are no air bubbles and that’s it, you already have your personalized wine bottles. As I mentioned at the beginning, these custom wine bottles are perfect for adult gifts for any occasion such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, etc. They are also perfect for adult party favors such as weddings, birthdays, business events and more.


Etiquetas Personalizadas Para Botellas de Vino con Cricut

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Enjoy crafting!

Daisy Multifacética.

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