Party Favor Bags with Cricut Print then Cut {FREE TEMPLATE}

Are you planning a special party and looking for unique ideas on how to make party favors? Here’s the tutorial on how to make beautiful party favor bags with the Cricut print then cut feature and my free template that you can download from my blog. I’ll show you how to work with the design in the Cricut Design Space program, how to print, cut, and assemble it.


Photo by Daisy Multifacética

Supplies Needed to Make Party Favor Bags with Cricut

Video Tutorial on my YouTube Channel


Working with the Design in the Cricut DS Program

First, download the free template from my blog HERE. Save the file to your computer, open the Cricut Design Space program, click upload to insert the template into the canvas. Then press upload image, browse, open the fonder where you have the template and open it. Then you are going to select simple, continue, apply and continue and upload.

Once it’s in the gallery, select it and insert it into the Cricut DS canvas. Once there, regulate the size. Make sure it measures 9.25″ x 6.75″ to print letter size. You could also print it in A4 size, but for that you need to download the template for A4 size. {Find both sizes on my blog}

Press ungroup, remove the watermark, separate the two layers. Select the scoring layer then go to operations and press score. There you will have the scoring lines ready.

Adding Design to the Template.

NOTE: If you don’t want the holes in the bag, you can remove them by selecting contour.

First way to add Design.

I will show you three ways to add design to the template. The first way is very simple and easy. Simply insert the image you want to put in the background. Regulate the size and place it on the back of the template. Select both layers and press slice.

Now just add the scoring lines and text and voila. When I finish showing you how to add text, I will show you how to add text to it.

Second Way to Add Design

I will show you the second way to add design or background to the template. For this form, click on operations in the bar above the canvas. Select print and cut, then press the color box next to it and instead of color you will select pattern. Select the one you like the most from the gallery and that’s it. Now you only have to put the scoring lines and the text.

There are many backgrounds that come with the Cricut DS software but you can also add backgrounds of your choice. Click HERE if you would like to know how to add your own background to the Cricut Design space background gallery. In the list of materials above, you can find links to the backgrounds that I have used for this tutorial.

Third Way to Design to the Template

With this last way, you can add individual images until you achieve the desired decorated template. For example, here, I added a bouquet of purple flowers and I duplicated it and adjusted the size to accommodate them in the template until I achieved the design I wanted. Don’t forget to put the fold lines before so they help you to align and center the images.

Once you have the templates with the desired designs, it is time to add the text with the font of your choice. Here I made some bags for wedding party favors. Use mixture of sources in mold and letter. The letter font is called Artis and the mold font is called Mistari. Both are by Creative Fabrica.

Printing the Party Favor Bags

When you’re done with the text, move the scoring lines aside and select all the remaining layers and press FLATTEN.

Aparta las líneas de doblez, seleccionar todo y apretar APLANAR o FLATTEN

Put the scoring lines back and press ATTACH. You are now ready to print and cut.

Put the scoring lines back and press ATTACH

Press on make it, select the printer you are going to use, remove the bleed and select use system dialog and press print. Once you have opened the print window, make sure the printer you are going to use is selected and then press preferences. Here you will select the quality in which you want to print the template. For example, I am using Koala gloss photo paper so I am going to select photo paper, in media type I will select glossy photo paper. If you are using matte photo paper or printable cardstock, select matte photo paper. In quality select high and print.

Cutting the Template

While printing, we go to step number two and that is to select the material that you are going to cut, in this case I am going to select photo paper. And in step number 3, it asks you to select the scoring tool. I am going to select the scoring wheel since I am using my Cricut maker machine. With the Cricut maker you can use either the scoring wheel or the scoring stylus. If you are using the explore air, you could use the scoring stylus. The scoring wheel goes on clamp B and the scoring stylus goes on clamp A. The machine will require you to set the scoring tool first as it will make the scoring first. Once it is done with the folds, it will ask you to replace the cutting blade.

Assembling the Party Favor Bag

Start by making the folds and then assemble it using hot glue or the glue of your choice. I prefer the hot glue because it is fast drying.

Ya que la hayas armado, coloca las agarraderas. Corta dos pedazos de Liston 5/8″ que midan 7″ y pega los extremos en la parte interior de la bolsa. Coloca un moño pequeño de listón enfrente si lo deseas. Ver tutorial de cómo hacer el moño ACA. ¡Es super fácil!

Once you’ve assembled it, attach the handles. Cut two pieces of 5/8″ Ribbon that are 7″ long and glue the ends to the inside of the bag. Place a small ribbon bow in front if desired. See tutorial on how to make the bow HERE. It’s super easy!

This is how beautiful the print then cut party favor bags look! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and above all that it has been helpful to you.

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¡Enjoy creating!

Daisy Multifacética

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