How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

Maybe you already have a sublimation printer that prints letter size but you also want to be able to sublimate designs larger than 8.5″ by 11″. Since many of you have requested it, I have prepared this tutorial on how to sublimate larger designs using letter size prints.

You will learn what equipment and materials you will need in case you are just planning to enter the world of sublimation, how to print the design from the free graphic design program Inkscape and how to press it.

In addition, I will give you the FREE download of the design used in this tutorial and many more to choose from.

**Scroll Down to See List of Equipment and Materials Needed**

How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

What printer should we use for sublimation?

The first thing that will be needed in order to start with the sublimation art is a printer with sublimation ink. If you would like to know what printers you can use for sublimation, click here to see the written tutorial.

I am using an EPSON EcoTank ET-15000 that I have converted and configured to use as a sublimation printer. If you would like to learn how to convert an EPSON printer, click HERE to see the tutorial on how to do this process.

How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

What Ink Should We Use for Sublimation?

To sublimate we must use special ink for sublimation. It is very important to choose high quality sublimation ink to get bright and vivid prints. I am using sublimation ink from A-Sub and I am very satisfied with its quality.

A-sub brand ink comes in easy fill bottles. It comes with 4 needles to put in the nozzle of the ink bottles to facilitate the filling of the printer’s tanks. If you haven’t converted your printer yet and would like to know how to fill the tanks with sublimation ink, click here.

How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

What paper to use for sublimation?

As well as the ink, we must also use special paper for sublimation that is of very good quality. I use A-SUB brand sublimation paper and I am very happy with its quality and price. A-SUB paper does not leave wheel marks after printing, dries extremely fast, has fast transfer properties, perfect for soft surfaces like polyester fabrics and hard surfaces like ceramics and wood.

A-SUB comes in these different sizes: 8.5″ by 11″ letter, 8.5″ by 14″ legal, 11″ by 17″, and 13″ by 19″

How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

What Blank Items to Use for Sublimation?

The garments that we must use for sublimation should be mostly polyester. Preferably 65% polyester and above. In addition, these must be white or very light colors. To customize black and dark colors click here to see the tutorial as the process is very different.

Today I will sublimate a 75% polyester fabric cushion cover that I made [sublimation area of 16″ by 16″]. I like to make my own sublimation blanks. I have bought polyester cushion covers but I have not had any luck with obtaining good quality sublimation.

If you would like to make your own cushion covers, click here to see the easy tutorial on how to do it.

How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

What Heat Press to Use?

Tu elijes la prensa de calor o heat press que más se ajuste a tus necesidades. Yo utilizo una prensa térmica de 15″ por 15″ de la marca TUSY de Amazon y hasta el momento me ha dado buenos resultados.

You choose the heat press or heat press that best suits your needs. I use a 15″ by 15″ TUSY heat press from Amazon and it has given me good results so far.

How to Sublimate Bigger than Letter Size Images {Sublimation Hack}

List of Materials:

Polyester blank t-shirts:

FREE Designs for Sublimation click→ in the Link or Photo Below↓↓↓:

Video Tutorial In my YouTube Channel

Step 1: Prepare the Work Area in the Design Program

You can use the program you wish to print your images. I like to use the free graphic design program Inkscape. Download the program here. Video tutorial on how to print from Inkscape here.

First, we need to set the size of the paper we are going to print. Open the program, go to FILE and click DOCUMENT PROPERTIES. On the left you will see a column with the list of document sizes that you can print from Inkscape. In this case I will be selecting letter size page and in orientation I will select vertical.

Step 2: Working with the Design

Once you have prepared the work canvas, go to file, click on import and open the design that you are going to print. Click ok.

I am going to use one of the images that I have designed. If you would like to use it, click HERE to download it for FREE.

Put the design on top of the canvas and regulate the desired size. On the size bar press the padlock to lock, change it to inches and enter the measurements.

The area of the cushion cover that I will sublimate is 16″x16″ so the design that I will print will measure 13″ by 10.75″. I know it’s bigger than letter size, but that’s what I am teaching! How to print larger designs in parts without the need for a broadband printer and from Inkscape.

To print them in parts, we must put the part of the design to be printed inside the letter-size canvas. Then go to file and clin on print.

Step 3: Printing Preferences

Select the sublimation printer and then click on preferences.

It will open another window. In paper source select the one you are going to use more. It can be cassette, paper tray or auto selection.

In document size select the one you are going to be using the most. I will leave it in letter size.

In orientation I will leave it vertical.

In paper type – select premium presentation paper matte.

In quality select high.

Select print preview. Then press more options.

Mirrow mode

Here it is very important to select mirror mode – mirror image and press ok. For sublimation we must always print in mirror mode even more when we are printing text.

If you want to predetermine the printing preferences so that you do not have to do this process every time you print, I recommend that you see the tutorial on how to do this process here.

Now click ok and print. Before printing, you will get a visualization of how it will be printed. Make sure this is mirror mode and that the design is inside the rectangle and hit print.

Then we do the same with the remaining part of the design. Put the missing part of the design inside the letter size rectangle and print just like we did with the first part.

Step 4: Prepare the Design and the Sublimation Blank

If the print looks a little pale, don’t worry. Sublimation ink is heat activated. After pressing it you will get vivid and bright colors.

Cut the white border to one of the parts of the design and line up so that the two parts matches.

Secure it with heat resistant tape.

Step 5: Transfer the Design into the Cushion Cover.

Before placing the design, the surface of the shirt must be cleaned with a lint roller. Next, place a piece of white butcher paper inside the cushion cover. This to prevent staining the back fabric.

Then align the design and secure it with heat resistant tape. The time, temperature and pressure depend on the material you are going to sublimate and also on the brand of sublimation paper you are using. On the back of the A-Sub sublimation paper box you can find the table with the temperature, time and pressure guide that you can use depending on the product to be sublimated.

This cushion cover is 95% polyester and I will press it at 400 degrees F for 40 seconds at medium pressure.

Once 40 seconds have passed, remove the paper and tape and voila.

¡¡Love it!! This design is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

You already have your first large design printed with the sublimation technique.

If you liked this design, click HERE to download this and others for FREE from my website.

I hope that with this COMPLETE GUIDE you have been able to learn the whole process of how to sublimate large designs with Inkscape.

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