Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover #1

Are you looking to give your old cushions a new look?? In this tutorial I will show you how to make a cushion cover with border and without a zipper. Beginners, intermediate or advanced sewers will find this process very easy. You will only need 3 pieces of fabric.

You can use the fabric of your choice whether it is cotton, canvas fabric, denim, polyester, etc.

Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

The measurements for the cover I’ll be making today are based on a 17″ by 17″ cushion cover = 43.18 x 43.18 cm. If you need to make a cover with different measurements, we must measure the cushion to determine the measurements in which we must cut the fabric.

Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

This one measure 17″ by 17″ = 43.18 x 43.18 cm. When cutting the front fabric, I will add 5″ extra on each side to make the decorative border of the cover. Therefore, I will cut a 22″ x 22″ piece. See photo below with measurements in inches and centimeters.

If your cushion measures 18 x 18″ you will cut a 23″ x 23″ square piece of fabric [18 plus 5″ extra]

Materials needed to sew this cushion cover with border

Video tutorial in my YouTube channel

Step 1

Take the piece of fabric that measures 22″ by 14″, make a 2.5″ hem and sew, leaving a 2 1/4″ allowance.

Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

Take the piece of fabric that measures 22″ x 20″, make a 1/2″ hem and sew leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

Step 2

Lay the fabric that measures 22″ x 22″ on the bottom with the right side up. Then place the smaller fabric on top right side down and place the last one that measures 22″ x 20″ on the bottom, but above of the smaller one that measures 22″ x 14″. See diagram below.

Step 3

Sew around leaving 1/4″ or 1cm. Sew twice on top of the joints so that it does not unravel when inserting the cushion.

Cut off the corners, turn inside out and iron defining the corners with a ruler.

Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

Step 4

Iron to define the edges. Then to make the border sew around leaving a 2″ seam allowance.

Once finished, you can leave it like this or you could also customize it using the method of your choice. It can be with iron on vinyl, fabric appliques, homemade screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, among others.

I will personalize this cushion cover with fabric appliques. If you would like to learn how to customize with that method, click here to view the tutorial.

Cushion Cover with Border | How to Make an Envelope Cushion Cover

The front of this cushion cover with border was made in a single color. If you would like to make one with a different colored border, click here to see the tutorial. Now you can make your own decorative cushion covers.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me a message either here in the post or on the following social networks.

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