Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye: How to do EASY Tie Dye

Are you planning a fun tie dye party and would like to learn how to dye easy t-shirts with a non-toxic tie dye product? After trying it, I can tell that Hiipoo Non-Toxic tie dye kit is the best choice for me. Hiipoo’s tie dye kit brings 18 vibrant colors to dye your favorite garment. You can dye t-shirts, pillow covers, shoes, hats, socks, hair bands, etc.


Hiipoo tie dye kit includes all the necessary tie dye supplies for large parties, summer camps, family reunions, group events, and holiday gifts for friends and family. Easily dye your T-shirts with vivid and vibrant colors, you don’t need baking soda, it’s non-toxic and the garments can be washed by hand or machine.

Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye: How to do EASY Tie Dye
Photo by Daisy Multifacética

What comes in the Hiipoo Tie Dye Kit?

Hiipoo tie dye kit includes all necessary tie dye supplies to throw a tie dye party. This powder dye is versatile, easy to use and non-toxic.

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  • 18 x 80 ml empty dye bottles
  • 18x5g dye powder bags
  • 18 colored labels.
  • 90 rubber bands.
  • 6 plastic gloves.
  • 5 Ziplock Bags
  • 2 spray bottles of 20 ml.
  • 1 plastic tablecloth and technical guide

How to do EASY Tie Dye with Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye?

¿What Else will You Need?

In addition to the Hiipoo tie dye kit and to obtain a vibrant result, you will need fabric garments of your preference made out of 60% cotton and above. Water and containers to place the garments when dyeing them.

Step 1: Preparing the Dye

Find a surface to work on, place the plastic tablecloth that comes in the kit, put the respective stickers on each bottle and fill the bottles with water. Then, empty the corresponding color and shake them to mix the colors well.

Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye: How to do EASY Tie Dye

Step 3: Dyeing the Garments

Wet the fabric and wring it out. Then using your creativity, tie the garment or shirt using the technique of your choice and start dyeing with the colors of your choice.

Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye: How to do EASY Tie Dye

Step 3: Waiting Time

After dyeing, put the garment in one of the bags that come in the kit and let it rest for 24 hours. After 24 hours, hang and air dry it. Once they have dried, rinse with water and let it air dry or machine dry.

Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye: How to do EASY Tie Dye

Step 4: Reveal the Design

Here is an example of how the t-shirts look after tie dyeing them with the Hiipoo tie dye kit. As you can see the colors are very vivid and bright.

Hiipoo Non-Toxic Tie Dye: How to do EASY Tie Dye
Photo by Daisy Multifacetica

After having dyed them, you could personalize them with the technique of your preference. For example, with iron on vinyl, transfer paper or even sublimation if the garment contains polyester.

I hope this tutorial on how to tie dye easy t-shirts using the Hiipoo Non-Toxic tie dye kit has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message below this blog.

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