Christmas Centerpiece – Sola Wood Flowers for Beginners

Step by Step Tutorial on how to Make a Christmas Centerpiece with Sola Wood Flowers

I want to share with you the making of a beautiful Christmas centerpiece using Sola Wood Flowers.

These Sola Wood Flowers centerpieces are perfect to beautify your home at any time of the year or for special events such as weddings, birthdays, business events and many more.

Christmas Centerpiece with Sola Wood Flowers

The end of the year festivities are approaching and I think many of us are preparing ourselves with decorations either for the home or for a special event. I have already made several decorations for Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas but I know I still have more projects to do. Join me to make a Christmas centerpiece.

Materials to Make the Christmas Centerpiece with Sola Wood Flowers:

For this project I’m going to use the Juniper Centerpiece Craft Kit and other decorations that don’t come in the kit.

Juniper Centerpiece Craft Kit

This kit comes with all the necessary items to start making your centerpiece. You may order it with the color of your preference. If you order it raw, it will come with two 1 oz. wood flower dye. 

I have chosen stone blue and white colors for the flowers. Blue or turquoise are not common colors for Christmas but I wanted to venture to a different color.


The Kit Includes: 

  • 15 Sola Wood Flowers [Raw or the color of your choice]
  • Glue Sample 
  • Floral Foam 
  • Small Rectangle Centerpiece Box [Raw or the color of your choice – 6 Colors to choose from]
  • Bamboo Stems 
  • Blueberry Juniper Filler Sample
  • 2 -1oz Bottles of Wood Flower Dye [The color of your choice]

Other Materials and Tools Needed:

If buying the items separately, this is the list of materials you will need:

  1. Sola Wood Flowers [Raw or with Color]
  2. Foliage of your Preference. [I am Using Blueberry Juniper Filler]
  3. Wooden Vase or the one of Your Preference
  4. Bamboo Stems
  5. Foam Block for Dried Flowers
  6. Wood Flower Dye

Let’s Create it!!

 Check Out the Step by Step video Tutorial on How to make a Christmas Centerpiece with Sola Wood Flowers in my Youtube Channel

1. Dye the Raw Sola Wood Flowers if needed:

We are going to start by dyeing the wood flowers with the wood flower dye

 that comes in the kit. [If your flowers are already painted, skip to the next step].

  • In a small bowl pour half of a cup of hot water per one ounce of paint for the raw wood flowers. Mix well. [If you want a lighter color, add more hot water. If you want a darker color, add less water].
  • Insert a bamboo stalk into the back of the flower. Carefully dip it into the wood flower dye, turning it over at the same time so that it is completely painted.
  • Once painted, put them on top of a paper towel or kraft paper and let them dry overnight or preferably 24 hours.

2. Paint the Design on the Centerpiece Box:

  • Using the piece of transfer tape, transfer the stencil design to the wood. I cut my stencil with the Cricut Maker machine.
  • Paint using the acrylic paint of your choice. [I’m using metallic turquoise and a few drops of dark blue].
  • You can paint one or two layers if you wish. Then clean up the excess paint using a ruler or rubber spatula.
  • Let it dry a little but not so much and remove the vinyl.

3. Stem the Flowers:

  • Poke a small hole in the back of the flowers using a bamboo stem, place a drop of hot glue, and insert the bamboo stem.
  • Place the flowers in a tall vase.

3. Arrange the Centerpiece:

  • Cut a piece of foam for the centerpiece box, put a little hot glue in the bottom of the vase and insert the piece of foam.
  • Cut the flower stems to your liking either with a pair of clippers or scissors.
  • Using our creativity let’s begin to insert the flowers into the box.
  • Now that we have inserted the desired flowers, let’s begin to fill in using the Blueberry Juniper foliage and other decorations. In addition to the foliage that comes with the kit, I am using some twigs and small pine cones to give it that Christmas touch that I want to achieve.

  • Carefully arrange the foliage between the flowers.


Now that you already know how to make a Sola Wood Flowers centerpiece, you can create many beautiful arrangements for any special occasion such as weddings, birthdays, business events or even to beautify the interior of your home at any season of year.

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I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and above all that it has been helpful for you.

Visit me on my Youtube channel to see this video tutorial and many more craft tutorials.

Enjoy creating !!!

Daisy Multifacética.