EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I bring you a fun tutorial where I will show you the step-by-step process of how to make a beautiful and easy microwave bowl cozy using my FREE patterns. These cute bowl cozies are so easy to make. Plus, they are so useful and functional! They will help you protect your hands when removing the hot dish from the microwave. They are perfect for personal use, as gifts and also for business (they sell quickly at craft fairs). Kids love them too!

In addition to these written instructions, I also prepared video tutorials on my YouTube channel in both English and Spanish in case you prefer that platform. I won’t say more! Let’s start with this beautiful project.

Tutorial en Español ACA

EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

Video Tutorial – How to Make an Easy Microwave Cozy

How to Sew a Cute and Easy Microwave Bowl Cozy


FREE Bowl Cozy Pattern


  • 2 pieces of 100% cotton fabric 11” x 11” [28cm]
  • 2 pieces of 100% cotton quilt batting 11” x 11” [28cm]

Sewing machine

Cotton fabric

Quilt batting

Thread snips scissors

Video tutorial on my YouTube channel

Step 1: Preparing and cutting the fabric to make the easy microwave bowl cozy

Let’s prepare the quilt batting and fabric with the preferred color combination. To be able to use the bowl cozy in the microwave, I use 100% cotton batting and fabric. You will need two 11″ by 11″ pieces of cotton fabric and two 11″ by 11″ pieces of cotton quilt batting [28cm]

EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

Now let’s print the FREE patterns that you can download here. I have prepared two styles of patterns. One to make a bowl cozy with round corners and the other with pointed corners. Choose the one you like best. Or both! It’s hard for me to choose a style because I love them both. They are both equally easy to make.

EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

I have also left two patterns for each style. One that is a quarter of the pattern and the other that is half of the pattern. I recommend that you download both. I prefer to use the one quarter of the pattern for cutting the thin cotton fabric. On the other hand, I use the pattern in half to cut the cotton quilt batting since it is thick and if I cut it in four it will be uneven. For that reason, I use both.

Let’s cut the fabric. Fold the cotton fabric in four and place and align the quarter pattern on top. [I prefer to cut piece by piece so that it is not uneven]. Let’s secure with pins and cut as shown in figure A. As I mentioned before, to cut the quilting I am using the pattern in half. Fold the quilting in half, place the pattern and cut as shown in figure B.

EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

Step 2: Sewing the Easy Microwave Bowl Cozy

Place a layer of the fabric [right side up] on top of the quilt batting and secure with pins. Then join the 4 openings and sew. Do the same with the other layers of fabric and padding.

EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

Sew the 4 openings leaving a 3/8″ seam allowance equivalent to 1 centimeter. Do the same with both groups.

EASY Microwave Bowl Cozy {FREE Sewing PATTERN}

This is how they should look.

Now take one piece and turn it inside out and place it on top of the other piece. Secure it with pins so that it does not move and sew around it, leaving an opening of 4″ – 10cm. Leave the desired seam allowance. I am going to leave a seam allowance of 3/8″ – 1cm.

Turn it inside out, iron and top stitch around it starting at the opening to close it. Leaving a 1/4″ 0.5cm seam allowance. [If you do not want to top stitch it, just sew to close the opening]. Iron it around again and that’s it!


As you can see, sewing these cute microwave bowl cozies is super easy using the free templates that you can download from my blog. You can create the one with pointed corners, the one with round corners or both if you wish. If you prefer video tutorials, I invite you to watch my video tutorial on my YouTube channel. Likewise, there you will find a wide variety of tutorials that may be useful to you.

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you. If you like it, I invite you to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel and also share your creations on my social networks. I would love to see your beautiful creations.

¡Happy Sewing!

Daisy Multifacética.

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