Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA & FREE Templates

Tired of buying expensive and plain order forms? Learn how to make your own custom t-shirt order forms with the FREE platform CANVA and my FREE TEMPLATES. These are high resolution templates and almost ready to print, but I’ll show you how to give them that personal touch by adding your logo and business information.

How to Make Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA & FREE Templates

Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA: Video Tutorial on my YouTube Channel

Supplies Needed to Make Custom T-Shirt Orders Forms

To make these custom t-shirt order forms, you will need the FREE template [Download Here]. You can work on the design in any graphic design program that you prefer but this occasion, I will be using the free CANVA platform. You will also need a color printer. I am using a CANON Pixma Megatank color inkjet printer and 20lb copy paper.

You could keep loose prints in a folder, but you could also make a t-shirt order form book. For that, you will need some large 1.6″ paper clips and book glue. I use the one called PH Neutral PVA that I found on Amazon. Personally, I think that this way it better to keep the sheets tidier.

Supplies List

Working with the Design

As I mentioned at the beginning, I will be using the FREE graphic design platform Canva. Press HERE to go to the platform. Already being on the platform, the first thing we will do is to select the size of the document in which we are going to work. In this case I will work in letter size. Press where it says custom size, change it to inches [in] and then insert the measurements of the document in this case 8.5 by 11 which is letter size.

After having the work area in the desired size, we are going to insert the FREE template that you downloaded from my blog. First press where it says [uploads], then where it says files [upload files], select the template downloaded to your computer and you’ll have it in the Canva gallery. Now, select the template and place it on the letter-sized work area.

Customizing the Custom T-Shirt Order Form

Once there, you can insert your logo the same way you inserted the template. Resize it and ready to print. If you don’t have a logo yet, don’t worry. With Canva you could create your logo. If you would like to learn how to make a simple logo, here I show you in this video tutorial on my YouTube channel. Also, there I will show you how you could replace the header with the font of your choice.

Once you are done with the customization or modifications, we will proceed to download it. Press where it says [share], [download], select [PDF print] and press [download].

How to Make Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA & FREE Templates

Once on your computer, you can print it using any color printer. To get good print quality, I recommend that you print in the settings of [business document], [plain paper], in quality [high] and finally make sure that it is in letter size or the size that you chose to work with the order form.

How to Make Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA & FREE Templates

Making the Custom T-Shirt Order Form Book

Once printed, you could create a purchase order book for t-shirts to keep them organized. For that, I use PH Neutral PVA book glue and some large 1.6″ Clips to hold it down while I place the glue and while it dries. After applying the glue, let it dry for a period of 12 hours or overnight.

How to Make Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA & FREE Templates

There you have the custom T-shirt order form-books ready.

How to Make Custom T-Shirt Order Forms with CANVA & FREE Templates

If you would like to create your own invoices, download the FREE template HERE.

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