DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

This is the absolute best tutorial on how to make DIY custom chip bags.

With this complete guide you will learn everything you need to know to start creating your own Chip Bags. You will learn how to download high resolution images, how to design chip bags using the free online CANVA platform, how to save and print them and how to assemble them.

In addition, I will give you a free template to facilitate the design process. Personalized chip bags are a trend that is growing every day. They are very suitable for embellishing candy tables, to give as souvenirs, for unique invitations for all occasions or even to promote your business.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

IMAGES AND LOGOS USED IN THE CHIP BAGS ARE USE AS AN EXAMPLE ONLY AND FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you wish to make chip bags for your business, IS RECOMMENDED TO use images with comercial license.

What Materials Are Needed to Make DIY Custom Chip Bags?

To start, we are going to talk about the supplies we can use to obtain high quality chip bags.


To print the chip bags, you will need a color Inkjet or Laser printer. I print using Inkjet Canon Pixma Megatank or EPSON Ecotank inkjet printers and I am very pleased with the quality they both print. It depends on the taste of each one.

Below I will be explaining how to configure the printing preferences to obtain a sharp print and that the colors do not come off the page in case you are printing on glossy paper.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

I have received many questions about whether a sublimation printer can be used to print the chip bags. The answer is yes you can but remember that sublimation prints are opaque as the vibrancy of sublimation ink is activated by heat.

See example in the next photo. The A was printed with normal printing ink and the B with sublimation ink.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

What Paper to Use?

The paper for printing chip bags can be thin photographic paper, either matte or glossy. I am using Koala brand 30lbs glossy photo paper. I like to use this paper as it is of high quality and also economic. Koala photo paper is thin, very manageable and resistant at the same time. Perfect for creating presentable chip bags.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

If the photo paper isn’t within your reach, don’t worry! You could also use regular 20lb printing paper.

Other Materials and Tools

If you would like to cut the openings to resemble a real bag of chips, you will need a Crimper or Corrugator. I will explain how to use it.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

Also, you will need Pinking Shears.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

And a hot glue gun.

What Design Programs Can We Use to make DIY Custom Chip Bags?

In this tutorial I will show you how to design potato bags using the free platform CANVA.

There are many graphic design programs in which we could design chip bags. I have used Cricut Design Space, PowerPoint, Microsoft Words, Inkscape and even Photoshop Elements but I find the CANVA platform much more versatile and easier to use. Plus, it’s free!

I also have tutorials on how to make them with Cricut Design Space and PowerPoint if you’d like to see how they’re done that way.

Barcode and Nutrition Facts?

Did you know that you could create your own barcode and with your business information? Yes!!! You can create your own QR code and standard barcode with the link of your website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

For that process, visit the FREE Barcode Generator platform. Below I will show you how to use it. It is very easy!

Now for the nutrition factors, you could create them to your liking and depending on the occasion. Here on my blog, you can find the free download of nutritional factors for birthdays. In English HERE and Spanish HERE.

Materials List

Video Tutorial: How to Make DIY Custom Chip Bags

Video Tutorial de cómo Hacer las Bolsas de Chips en mi canal de YouTube.

Step 1: Designing Template

As I mentioned before, I will be using the free design platform CANVA.

Go to CANVA and the first thing we are going to do is determine the document size we need to work on. In this case, letter size.

Go to Custom size. In that box, change it to inches, enter the document size. 11″ x 8.5″ for letter size and click on create new design.

Now that we’re in the CANVA workspace, we’re going to create a template for the chip bags using the elements. In this case, we will use the square.

If you would like to use my blank template, CLICK HERE for a Free download. If you are using my template, skip to the next step.

We are going to change the measurements of that same square to form an 11″ x 1″ rectangle. We place it and duplicate it to put the other one below. And so on, we are going to add rectangles with the measurements shown in the photo below until we form the template.


Step 2: Download Images, Barcode and Nutrition Facts

Download Images

IMAGES AND LOGOS USED IN THE CHIP BAGS ARE USE AS AN EXAMPLE ONLY AND FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you wish to make chip bags for your business, IS RECOMMENDED that you use images with comercial license.

Create and Download Barcode.

To create my own barcode or QR code I use the FREE Barcode Generator platform.

Go to their website and there it gives you the option to choose a QR code or a standard barcode.

Choose the one you want to create and enter your website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Then press where it says create code and it will automatically create your own QR code or barcode in the right column. Just press download and you will have it ready recorded on your computer.

Nutrition Facts from my Blog

CLICK HERE to download the variety of nutrition factors for birthdays in English and Spanish. Download the one of your choice and we’ll go back to CANVA.

Step 3: Designing the DIY Custom Chip Bags

Add Images.

Upload the images you just downloaded to the CANVA gallery.

Press where it says upload and upload media, open the folder where you saved the image, barcode and nutrition factors, select them and insert. Now you have them in your CANVA gallery ready to start designing your bag of chips.

There are two ways in which we can make chip bags. One is by using an image that covers the entire page and the other is by adding individual images with transparent backgrounds.

Go to the gallery of photos uploaded to CANVA, select the images you want to use and arrange them one by one on the blank template.

Resize the images so that they are no larger than the dark gray rectangles.

If you want to use a large image, position the image first so that it covers the entire page, then place the template on top of the image to align the other photos and text along the edges.

Add Text

Once you have added the images, barcode – QR code
and nutrition factors it’s time to start customizing with text.

Press the T on the bar on the left, select the size and start typing.

If you want to change the font, the list of fonts available on the platform will appear above. Select the font of your choice, then you can adjust the size and add color.

To add color, press the A on the top bar and the color palette will appear on the right. Choose the one you prefer and that’s it.

After we’re done with the chip bag design, we’re going to remove the bars from the center of the template, leaving the bar at the top and bottom.

Now color the top bar or add a design to it if you wish. It can be lines, circles, flowers, etc.

Add a colored background if you wish. Just click where it says background, choose and click the background of your choice. If the color is too strong, click on the background and then on the icon in the upper right corner to adjust the density of the color.

The design is ready! Now you can save or print it from Canva.

Step 4: Saving and Printing

Saving the Design

Click on download and if you want to save the design as a photo, select PNG. If you want to save it as a document, select PDF Standard and save it on your computer or phone to print it whenever you need.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

Printing the Design

Go to download and select PDF print and download.

The download will appear in the lower left corner of your computer. Open it and click on print.

Select the printer you are going to use, click on more settings or more options and print using system dialog.

Since I’m printing glossy photo paper, I’ll select photo printing.

In media type select glossy paper. If you are printing matte paper select matte photo paper.

For quality select high, select letter size paper and ok. Print.

Step 5: Assembling the DIY Custom Chip Bag

Take the original unopened bag of chips, wrap it with the printed page and using a hot glue gun, stick the back of the bag. For hygiene DO NOT open the original bag of chips. To align the bag well, put a little glue in the center and continue with the ends.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

Corrugate the top and bottom ends using a Crimper. Don’t pull the bag of chips all the way out, as it will be difficult to put them back in.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

Close the openings using hot glue.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

And ready!!! Here you have your first custom chip bags.

DIY Custom Chip Bags: How to Make Chip Bags {The Best Complete Guide}

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to make DIY custom chip bags.

These unique and beautiful chip bags are perfect for gifts, invitations or party favors for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, quinceañeras or even business events.

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Enjoy creating!!!

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