DIY Screen Printing using Vinyl and Cricut.

** Screen print your own T-shirts using vinyl and Cricut** {{SUPER EASY}} COMPLETE Guide !!!

Here in this STEP BY STEP tutorial you will learn what products to use to start screen printing T-shirts or other products, how to work with the design and how screen print on the items.

A different and EASY way to personalize your fabric, cardboard and paper items. I know you will love it! Explore the tutorial!

I share the video tutorial and written instructions to make it easier for you to learn this custom art.

Scroll down to find the list of materials used in this tutorial as well as the written instructions on how to screen print.

Video Tutorial in my Youtube channel.


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Thankful and Blessed FREE DESIGN

Cricut Machine

Foto by Daisy Multifacetica

Cricut Easypress

Foto by Daisy Multifacetica

Craft Iron

Cricut iron mat:


Weeding Tools

Painter’s tape


Screen Printing complete kit:

Screen Printing Frame 8 by 10”

Screen Printing Ink


Butcher paper


First we are going to prepare the materials to be used for this project. [See ABOVE for the links of the materials to be used]



Prepare the stencil:

I work with design in the Cricut Design Space program. This time, I am using a design downloaded from my website. {Download it for FREE from my website if you liked it}

I insert it into the DS canva and adjust it to the desired size. For this Medium size shirt I adjusted the design to 9 ”wide.

Place a 10 by 10 “piece of permanent or non-permanent vinyl and cut stencil using the VINYL setting. {Visit my YOUTUBE channel to see how to make the stencil in Cricut Design Space}

Working with the design in Cricut DS
Cutting the Stencil

Using the weeding tool, weed the design.

Place the transfer tape and remove the paper from the back of the vinyl.


Align and place the stencil on top of the screen printing frame:

Try to center it as much as possible, stick the vinyl and remove the transfer tape.

Using the painter’s tape wrap around the design to cover all the mesh and the inside of the frame. This to prevent the shirt and frame from staining.


Screen Print Tshirt:

Place a piece of parchment or butcher paper inside the shirt before screen printing so that the back of the shirt does not get stained.

Center the design on the shirt.

Use the color of your preference. There are a wide variety of colors that are already mixed, but you could also mix colors to create your own tone.

Put some ink on top of the design and spread it out horizontally.

Then using the squeegee, drag the paint up and down. Do it several times if you need.

Remove the excess of ink.

If you want, you can save the excess ink to use in another print so it doesn’t go to waste.

When you are finished distributing the ink on the design, remove the screen printing frame to reveal the design.

Let it dry for a minimum of 2 hours. Preferably overnight.


Press or iron the pattern to cure it and not fade when washed:

Place the same piece of wrapping paper on top of the design before pressing or ironing it.

If you have the Cricut EasyPress, iron for 40 seconds at 330 degrees. And if you don’t have it, you can press with a home iron. {Press for a minute on the cotton setting}.


Here you have your first personalized shirt using the screen printing technique.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and above all that it has been very helpful for you.

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Happy crafting!!!

Daisy Multifacetica