EASY DIY Cosmetic or Multipurpose Bag | Sewing Sublimation Blanks #1

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Basic and simple tutorial on how to make a cosmetic or multipurpose bag.

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make your own cosmetic or multipurpose bags. I will show you what materials to use, measurements and step by step process of how to assemble it.

These beautiful bags are perfect to personalize with either sublimation, iron on vinyl, transfer paper or embroidery.

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Photo by Daisy Multifacetica

List of the materials needed to sew this beautiful cosmetic bag:

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11×11 “= 28x28cm

Pieces of fabric of 100% Polyester or Poly Cotton of 65-35%

NOTE: [If it is for sublimation, this first fabric must contain over 65% polyester. If you don’t want it for sublimation, any type of fabric is perfect]


11×11″ = 28x28cm

Pieces of cotton fabric.

[ for lining]


1 1/8″ = 3cm

Piece of cotton fabric.



10″ = 26cm

Would you like to learn how to sublimate polyester items? Click on the photo to see the tutorials on how to do this process:

65% Polyester 35% cotton (If you need it for sublimation) :

100% Cotton for lining:


Sewing machine:

Sewing thread:


Sewin pins:

Mini craft iron:

Iron mat:

Flower design – PNG DOWNLOAD:


FREE DOWNLOAD – PRINTABLE PDF Instructions – DIY Cosmetic Bag [Scroll Down]


Prepare the fabric according to the measurements mentioned in the list of materials to be needed.


Prepare the zipper: Wrap the tip of the zipper with the smallest piece of fabric.

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A] Sew the end
B] Pull the fabric to the other end
C] Iron
D] Fold again, and
F] Top Stitch

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png


Cut 1 1/8 ”or 3cm squares at the bottom corners of the bag.


Place and align the zipper: Align the zipper and leave 1 ½ cm from the edges to make room for the seams on the edge of the bag.

A] Put the polyester layer on the bottom, the zipper in the middle and finally the cotton fabric layer. Secure with pins or hooks and sew. After sewing, unfold the zipper and iron.

B] Do the same with the other edge of the zipper. First put the polyester layer, then the zipper facing downwards and finally the cotton fabric layer. Secure with pins and sew.

C] Reveal the zipper and iron again.

D] After ironing, top stitch on each side of the zipper. [As close to the zipper as you can]


A] Fold the bag in half leaving the layers of polyester fabric in the middle. Secure with pins and seam around leaving the bottom corners. [1cm or 3/8 ”seam allowance]

B] After stitching at all three ends, sew the bottom corners.

C] Turn inside out, iron and READY !!!

You already have your cosmetic bag ready to use it like this or to personalize it with the method that suits you best.

Since the outer layers have been made with polyester fabric, it is perfect for sublimation.


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I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and above all that it has been very helpful for you.

Happy crafting!!!

Daisy Multifacetica.