How to Sublimate on Reversible Sequin Fabric with the Cricut Easy Press.

Have you ever wondered if sequin or sequin fabric can be sublimated ??? The answer is yes and it is easier than you imagine!!!

In this video tutorial, I will show you the step by step and the entire process of how to sublimate in sequin or sequin fabric.

I will explain what materials you will need, to how to work with the design, to print the design and how to press it using the Cricut Easy Press.

The result is spectacular! Sequin fabric is a unique and different option that allows you to customize a variety of items such as cushions, cosmetic bags, backpacks, blankets, shirts with sequin appliques etc.

Video tutorial in my YouTube channel

Learn how to predetermine the printing preferences for sublimation [MIRROR MODE] in this way you will not have to be changing these preferences every time you go to print. [PRESS THE PHOTO]

Materials used in this tutorial and all my sublimation projects:

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Sublimation Ink:


HIIPOO ink with syringes

Epson Ecotank Printers:




EPSON ET – 3760

Sublimation paper:

ASUB Sublimation paper

Heat Presses:

Cricut Easy Press

Heat press

Heat resistan tape.

Sublimation mat.

Cricut mat

Butcher paper

Reversible sequin fabric and pillow cases:

Reversible Sequin Pillow

Reversible sequin fabric

More sublimation blanks:

Tshirt 100% Polyester

Cricut Mugs

Sublimation mugs

Skinny Tumblers

Font used:

About love font

If you wish to sublimate Photo MUGS, here is my tutorial:

Cricut Mug Press

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Happy Crafting!!

Daisy Multifacetica