DIY Custom Chip bag with FREE ONLINE Program.

HOW to design a Custom CHIP BAG with FREE ONLINE PROGRAM!!

In this Video Tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a BIRTHDAY CHIP BAG| Party Favor or Candy Bag.

We are going to use free online programs to design a good quality Birthday Party Favor Bag. These bags are very easy to make and are perfect for your family Birthday celebrations or even to sell. They sell for a good price in Etsy.

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Your sprout’s birthday is coming and you want to prepare the best birthday celebration! Thinking of invitations or party favors??

Here is one excellent option for custom party favor or invitation. These Custom bags can be used in so many ways.

For example: Instead of handing the predictable invitation card, you can send a Chip Bag Invite. Its different, it has a treat, looks beautiful and makes the invite non forgettable.


For the design, we are going to use Canva. With this online program, we can Design Anything In Minutes. The All-In-One Design Tool With Thousands Of Templates And Stock Content.

Pictures or Images:

To customize your chip bag, you can buy the pictures/images, or download them for free. Many websites offer FREE images download.

Also, Google and Pinterest are good options to download FREE images.

Daisy Multifacetica has some graphic and designs for free to be used for Chip Bag making. Visit the Graphic section and you will be able to download any image you wish.

For this project, We need high quality images. Therefore, When downloading pictures, remember to look for PNG HD [High Definition] images which offers you better resolution.

Cleaning the Picture:

Before we insert the images on the Canva design, it needs to be cleaned and with no background. There is when we need a good background remover program.

I like to use REMOVE.BG . With this online program, you will be able to clean and remove the background of any picture or image in seconds. Your image will still keep the same quality.

Birthday Nutrition Facts:

You want to make this image resembling the original chip bags? You might want to add NUTRITION FACTS and barcodes. Find the FREE Downloadable Birthday Nutrition Facts in Daisy Multifacetica ‘s graphic section.

Barcode Generator:

The barcodes are not only decoration but you can personalize them with your business information if you are selling the final product. I make my own QR CODES and Standard Barcodes in a Bar Code Generator online site.

I love to use since is very easy and FREE to use. This site, lets you input your website, shop site, email, or social media and will create your VERY OWN BAR CODE or QR CODE. Just download it and will be ready to be used in your chip bag design.

Paper quality and Printing:

When printing, you can choose between regular 20lb copy paper or glossy photo paper. I use regular copy paper since is more manageable. I love the glossy look on the photo paper but sometimes it can be a little rigid.


To assemble the bag, I like to use hot glue. This way, the bag wont open by itself. I noticed that doble sided tape is not as strong and tend to open.

NOTE: Place the unopened chip bag in to your customized bag.

After finish assembling, cut the white edges on top an bottom using regular or zig zag scissors.

This customized Bag will fit a 1oz Chip bag.

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Materials Needed:

Letter size copy paper [20lb] or

Glossy photo paper, and

A hot glue gun






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Happy Crafting!!!

Daisy Multifacetica.

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