Smiley Face Mask | Fabric Face Mask with Window for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Video Tutorial in my YouTube Channel

Sewing Tutorial with Daisy Multifacetica:

In today’s tutorial we are going to learn how to sew a beautiful fabric face mask with window or smiley face mask [for the deaf or hard of hearing]. Perfect for teachers too!!! I am going to show you the easy [no hustle] way to sew a smiley face mask.

You may choose from the VIDEO tutorial from YouTube or the written instructions from my blog.

Materials needed to sew this face mask:

2] 12 x 16” pieces of fabric [I am using 100% cotton]

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1] 5 by 3” piece of crystal clear vinyl or clear plastic tablecloth

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4] 5 by ¾” pieces of Heat and Bond

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2] 10 or 12” strips of elastic or 2] Seamless elastic hair ties [I am using Farmyarn Elastic. You may order it in my website SHOP

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Printable Written INSTRUCTIONS of how to sew the Face Mask with Window HERE

Fabric Face Mask with Window

Here is the video tutorial on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


1] Cut the fabric

a] Fold the 2 pieces of fabric in half, place the pattern on top, secure it with pins and make sure you place the side where it says fold on the folded  fabric and cut. [You may cut the two pieces at once or one by one]

b] I start cutting on the window area

c] Make little cuts on the corners like it shows on the pattern.

d] Cut all around. Make sure not to cut on the folder area.

2] Prepare the fabric for sewing:

a] Place the two layers together with the design inside.

b] fol the hems around the window and Iron.

c] Same process on both layers.

d] Place the clear vinyl on top of the window on one side and secure it with the Hear and Bond strips. This process makes it easy to sew the clear vinyl. (if you do not have heat and bond, you may secure it with clips]

e] Place them one by one and iron them around the window. [Make sure not to iron on top of the paper. Lift the paper on the side first to continue ironing the next one].

3] Sewing

a] Sew around leaving a ¼” seam allowance

b]Turn inside out and remove the paper from the Heat Bond

c] Straighten and iron all around

d] Iron around the window [Make sure not to iron on the vinyl]

e] Sew Around the Window leaving a 1/8” seam allowance

f] Sew Around the face mask leaving a 1/8” seam allowance

4] Folding:

a] Following the lines from the pattern, fold top and bottom, iron and top sticth leaving 1/8” seam allowance.

5] Inserting the elastic:

a] Fold on the sides and sew. [you may insert the elastic before or after sewing]

You may use regular elastic, hair ties or any similar. I am using Farmyarn elastic. If you wish to order, visit my shop at to order. Ships from Texas to US only.

I am using elastic stoppers or lockers to make it adjustable. You can find these ones on

6] Finishing touches

a] Unfold and iron the creases to form the 3d mask.

And done!!! Here we have the beautiful face mask with window.

Happy crafting,

Daisy Multifacetica.

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Elastic with Stoppers in Daisy Multifacetica’s SHOP

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